About Us

The Cataraqui Cemetery Company  -  A Long and Proud History

Since 1850, families have relied on Cataraqui Cemetery to provide them with traditional interment options in one of Canada’s most scenic and exceptionally landscaped cemeteries.  Today, we continue that tradition of serving families in need.  We have remained true to our mission of caring for families with the respect and dignity they deserve by offering quality burial options, cremation services and commemoration products.  In February of 2014, we introduced the trade name of Cataraqui Cemetery and Funeral Services so that families could better identify our changing role as both a cemetery and funeral service provider.  Families and the community can be assured that our 165 year old Not for Profit ownership model has not changed nor has the ownership of the cemetery ever changed hands.  We continue to serve the interest of the community, our interment rights holders and our commitment to the the perpetual care of the cemetery.

Incorporated on August 10, 1850 by an Act of the Legislative Assembly of the Province of Canada, The Cataraqui Cemetery Company was established as a not for profit corporation to provide the greater Kingston area with an alternative concept to the small, overused, sectarian and denominational inner city cemeteries of the time. Since incorporation, Cataraqui continues to be held in perpetual trust for the patrons (members) who have and will acquire interment rights. 

On behalf of the Interment Rights Holders, the stewardship of Cataraqui Cemetery is the responsibility of The Cataraqui Cemetery Company Board of Trustees.  The Board, with a professional full time team of managers and staff as well as dedicated volunteers, work to ensure that all the revenue generated from the Cemetery's various trust funds, charitable donations, endowments, products and services are responsible remain for the care, maintenance, operation, administration and upkeep of the Cemetery's grounds, programs and services.  In keeping with the Cemetery's not for profit objectives, there are no owners, investors or shareholders taking dividends or profits from the Cemetery and the interment rights holders (members).

The Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada has designated Cataraqui Cemetery as a National Historic Site of Canada.  Additionally, the Cemetery has been designated  by the City of Kingston, under the Ontario Heritage Act, as a site of significant cultural heritage interest.  These designations, in combination with our continued efforts, will ensure Canadians, Interment Rights Holders and our community that the cemetery remains responsibly maintained and conserved for perpetuity.