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Continuously owned and operated since 1850, Cataraqui Cemetery and Funeral Services is Kingston's main burial ground and a not for profit provider of funeral and cremation services.  Having  introduced a number of beneficial and comprehensive services that present simpler options, more choices and convenient arrangements; Cataraqui is meeting the ever changing needs and diverse wishes of today's families.  

Contact us to learn more about how you and your family will benefit from our wide range of cemetery, funeral, cremation and monument services.

By selecting Cataraqui Cemetery and Funeral Services, your family will find peace of mind, convenience and value with an all inclusive/comprehensive provider. of cemetery and cremations services.

For over 165 years, Cataraqui continues as the same not for profit provider; long trusted by a diverse community.  Our mission is to care for your family and are to safeguarded into perpetuity the final resting places of so many people and families.

Our Board of Trustees and professional staff are committed to maintaining and promoting the rich cultural heritage and historical significance of our community's cemetery.  The 91+ acre cemetery is a cultural heritage treasure to all Canadians and is the final resting place of many generations of Kingstonians; including Canada's first Prime Minister, Sir John A. Macdonald. We take great pride and are honoured to be designated as a National Historic Site of Canada as well as a Ontario Heritage Property.  Family can take comfort in knowing that this cemetery will be preserved for generations to come.