Spring Clean Up, Mementos and Plantings

A reminder to all visitors and interment rights holders and that spring clean up and maintenance is under way at Cataraqui Cemetery.   Winter wreaths and any type of artificial flowers may only remain on sites until April 30th.   We appreciate the sensitivity of this matter and ask that these items be removed and taken home if yo wish to keep them for another season.  After Mother's Day on Sunday May 8th, 2016  the Cemetery staff will begin collecting unclaimed items from the cemetery grounds.  Uncollected items will be placed in a holding area held for 30 days for pick up.  Afterwards, the Cemetery will dispose of any unclaimed items. 

Additionally, we wish to remind interment rights holders and visitors of the Cemetery's by-laws and regulations regarding the placing of mementos and items such as vases, pots, planters, wire borders, wires, solar lights and shepherd's hooks.  The rule of thumb is that the Cemetery does not permit any item that, when left unattended, could break, fall over or if unseen, could cause injury to staff and visitors or damage maintenance equipment.

Lastly, the Cemetery encourages plantings that when left unattended/neglected do not become overgrown or a nuisance to regular maintenance, markers, nearby plots, other interment rights holders or the over all esthetics of the Cemetery.   Please refer to the Cemetery's bylaws regarding sizes and location of gardens and beds.  Inappropriate beds or gardens may be removed by Cemetery staff.  Plantings of trees or shrubs are generally not permitted. 

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.  Please contact us should you have any concerns or questions.