The Board of Trustees

Incorporated as a not-for-profit corporation by a Special Act of the Legislative Assembly of the Province of Canada on August 10, 1850, the official name of the corporation is The Cataraqui Cemetery Company (the Corporation).  In 2014, the trade name of Cataraqui Cemetery and Funeral Services was introduced to help the community better identify with the breadth of bereavement related service that are now offered.  Today the cemetery offers a variety of cemetery, monuments, cremation, and funeral options.    The Corporation is also a registered charitable organization that accepts charitable gifts to help maintain the cemetery's historic grounds.   It is important to note that as a not for profit organization, the members consist exclusively of the interment rights holders (lot owners).

Consisting of five volunteer trustees, who are Interment rights Holders that are nominated and elected by the Interment Rights Holders, The Cataraqui Cemetery Company Board of Trustees (the Board)  is trusted with the responsibility of guiding the Corporation in all of its business requirements, decisions and operations as well as the cemetery's care & maintenance obligations.  The Board reports to the Interment Rights Holders (membership) at the Annual General Meeting.

It is the Board that remains ultimately accountable and responsible for all aspects of the Corporation.  The duties and responsibilities of the corporation’s day to day operations as well as the custody and care of the cemetery have been delegated to the General Manager.  The day to day operations of the Not for Profit Corporation are attentively administered by a full time team of managers and staff that are both professional and passionate.  With direction received from the Cemetery's Act of Incorporation (1850), our own series of by-laws and Ontario's Funeral, Burial and Cremation Services Act, (2002), the Board, the management team and the staff offer a variety of bereavement services to the public and the Interment Rights Holders.  Interment Rights Holders are assured that all of the revenue that is generated and received by this not-for-profit Corporation are responsibly managed and directed exclusively back into the corporation for the  perpetual care of the Cemetery as well as its on going and future obligations.

If you (or someone your know) is interested in helping to guide the future of this historic organization please contact us for more information about how you might serve the cemetery and the interment rights holders