Families may choose from  many traditional interment sites or from a selection of  increasingly popular cremation interment options.  The Cemetery's mature grounds are subdivided into sections featuring some of the most inspiring natural and Picturesque settings for contemplation and remembrance.  The care and maintenance of this  historic rural/garden style landscape cemetery remains as important today as it was in 1850.  With a large inventory of single and family sized traditional burial plots, a new section which opened in fall of 2009 as well as several  acres yet to develop, Cataraqui Cemetery and Funeral services is positioned to serve families for many generations to come.     

Cataraqui continues to develop and introduce a wide offering of cremation interment options.  In addition to permitting multiple cremations interments within our varied selection of niches and columbaria, families may select cremation interment sites within a number of award winning  gardens.  Gardens are planted with a mix of ornamental shrubs, annuals and perennials.  Families may choose from a number  "community" or "private" designated gardens; all within a vibrant setting.

Trees continue to be an important feature of the Cemetery.  We continually introduce ornamental or rare native trees throughout. Cataraqui Cemetery has created a program that combines a 'living memorial' of a healthy tree and a cremation site to create a unique option for families. 

Please continue to explore the wide selection of interment options at Cataraqui Cemetery.  We invite you for a personal tour the Cemetery's grounds. We will  answer any questions you may have about selecting an idyllic location for you and your family. 

Contact us to book an appointment for a consultation at the Cemetery or for a meeting in the comfort of your own home.