Cemetery Sections

Cataraqui Cemetery has expanded over the years to its current size of nearly 90 acres.  The sections that were laid out and conceptualized as part of the original cemetery design are referred to as "Old" sections.  These sections, for the most part, were the first offered to the public starting in 1850.  Many of these sections  have countless untouched sites still available as options for families.  The 1950's saw the development of the Cemetery's "New" section.  These sections are mostly visible and easily accessible from our north entrance off of Sydenham Rd.   A newer section, The Gardens of Nicaea, opened in the fall of 2009 and is only a short distance from our original and historic front gates, off of Purdy's Mill Rd.   Forest Pond is a revitalized area  featuring fountains, a landscaped creek, many garden areas and ornamental trees.  All of our sections are equally attractive and present picturesque locations within the quiet Cemetery.

"Old" Sections 

Many of the "Old" sections at Cataraqui Cemetery date from the 1850's to the 1890’s.  Some pre-date the Incorporation of The Cataraqui Cemetery in 1850.  Originally sold as full (16 graves), half (8 graves) or quarter plots (4 graves), many of the most historic and artistically crafted monuments and stone work can be found within these sections.  Numerous single, double or family plots remain available for those who are attracted to the rural/garden style cemetery charm of these sections.  For those that are interested in being close to  past generations of family, chances are that we may be able to offer a single lot or two  nearby.  Contact us for more details or to learn more about the "Old" sections or family plots.

"New" Sections  

Cataraqui "New" sections can be found closer to our Sydenham Rd. entrance (back gates).  These sections were developed in the 1950’s and reflect the change in burial practices and social conditions of the times.  These sections compliment the distinctive landscape style of the historically designated cemetery.  Now developed, they are  well treed and provide shade, colour, texture and picturesque background to the landscape.  There are plenty of single, double and family plots.  For more information or answers to your questions regarding the "New" sections, please contact us.  We are glad to help.


Referred to as the 'Field of Honour', this special section at Cataraqui Cemetery is unique among Canadian cemeteries.  Cataraqui Cemetery is privileged and honoured to care for this active section that predates Canadian Confederation.  Reserved for persons that have served in the military, this section is easily recognizable due to it's uniform concentration of similar military styled monuments and the Cross of Sacrifice cenotaph as a center piece.  Presented as a final resting place of service men and women (and their spouses) who had served Canada and the Commonwealth during conflicts and wars dating as far back as the Northwest Rebellion and the Crimean War.  This section falls under the supervision of Canada's departments of Veterans Affairs and National Defense as well as the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.  If you or someone you know is deserving of being honoured to rest in this section, please contact us to learn more about at-need or pre-need arrangements for this special ground.

Cremation Sections 

There are a number of sections in the Cemetery that are reserved for cremation burials only.  Some of these areas accommodate memorialization with flat markers others with smaller or uniquely designed uprights.  Gardens burst with seasonal colour.  Cataraqui Cemetery offers many alternatives to traditional burials.  Contact us for more information regarding our cremation interment options.

Forest Pond 

Cataraqui Cemetery’s feature water area, Forest Pond (a. k. a. Big Foot Pond) was recently revitalized due to donations.  It now features gardens, water fountains, and creek side rockery.  All variations of interment options are available within this  postcard setting.  By introducing a unique blend of old and new burial and commemoration options, this section remains a popular, yet tranquil setting.  Families with an interest in this section should contact us soon regarding this highly sought after section. 

Gardens of Nicaea 

Opened in October of 2009, The Gardens of Nicaea is one of our newer sections presenting families with a design that combines a mix of Cataraqui Cemetery's interment options.  Featured in this section are the cremation interment options along the interlocking brick pathway that leads to our grandest communal columbarium.  With the offering of single, double and multiple plots, this section also accommodates those families or individuals interested in cremation and traditional interments.  There are many monument packages and options to select from.  We offer additional peace of mind by preparing personalized packages that include cremation or alternative funeral services. We welcome you to contact us to learn more about this new and impressive section. 

Chapel Hill

Upon entering the Cemetery,  through the historic front gate (off of Purdy's Mill Rd.), your eyes will be immediately drawn to Chapel Hill.  Ringed by numerous memorial trees, Chapel Hill presents as another picturesque  and naturally landscaped option at Cataraqui Cemetery.   Crested upon the hill among the mature trees stands a uniquely crafted  and covered outdoor chapel which houses the “Altar of Life,” an elegant community columbarium.  Just a few steps from  the walkway are many other private and community columbaria options.  Set aside since 1850 for a chapel, as part of the Cemetery's 150th Anniversary project in 2000, the open structure was built to bring together the many elements that make Cataraqui Cemetery unique.  Contact us for more information about Chapel Hill cremation interment options or other Cemetery projects.

Trillium Path

Just opened in November of 2015 (no photo at this time),  Trillium Path is our newest section that is currently available for purchase.  With the landscaping to be completed by summer of 2016, this section presents a wide variety of burial and entombment options that are accessible by a featured stone path way.  This section is uniquely distinguished with niches, mausoleums, and ornament tree programs.   

Infant Sections

Throughout Cataraqui Cemetery's historic grounds, one will notice that a few smaller areas or sections are reserved and set aside for children and infants.  These plots are available for those families that have an immediate need.  We are available to assist families in arranging many of the details for this special section.