Cremation Interment Options

Cataraqui Cemetery offers new and varying options for cremation interment.  All of our options are available for  immediate need or for those families who wish to pre-arrange.  

Private or Community Cremation Gardens

Historically complementing our garden cemetery concept of the late 1800's, our award winning gardens have become a popular and sought after choice for the interment of cremations.  Families find comfort and reflect among  colourful and textured gardens dedicated to the memories of their loved ones. Interment rights for  in-ground urn interments are available as private or community (shared) gardens.  We will assist families in selecting from a number of appropriate garden locations, plantings, and memorialization options.  Families interested in a private garden may choose one of our pre-landscaped gardens or contact us about the possibility of creating a personalized garden with an individualized selection of plantings.  

 Private or Community Columbaria 

Cataraqui continues to expanded upon the wide selection of  Columbaria and niche options. Clean lines, convenient locations, complementing landscaping as well as the benefit of the ease of finding and seeing the inscription are all features that many families find appealing.  Cataraqui offers some of the most distinct and elegant styles available in the Kingston area.  Columbaria are permanent granite structures of varying shapes, colours and sizes that are subdivided into 'niches' for the purpose of permanently housing one or two urns.  Columbaria are highly visible and attractive above ground features.  Please contact us for more information regarding your options or to pre-arrange in our newest columbaria in any of our featured sections.

Cremation or Memorial Tree Programs  

Throughout the rolling landscape of our picturesque and park like cemetery,  there are a number of 'special' or 'dedicated' memorial trees.  These trees have been carefully selected and planted as living monuments and memorials.  Interment rights may be assigned to an area at the foot of the tree;  accommodating a marker and a number of cremation interments.  As a natural and environmentally inspired memorial, the tree will be cared for and maintained by the Cemetery in perpetuity.  Trees may also be special memorials  dedicated to loved ones who are interred or scattered elsewhere. 

A note about Cataraqui Cemetery's trees.  Many of the trees are  part of the cemetery's significant heritage landscape and are not reserved for interment options.  Several trees pre-date Confederation and the 1850 incorporation of The Cataraqui Cemetery Company.  Their maintenance has become an ongoing operation.  We care for damaged and try to replace the ones we have lost or can't save.  To ensure a healthy and vibrant tree collection, over the years we have planted a diversified mix of native and non native tree species.  We believe the cemetery's grounds to be a special arboretum with some significant varieties that include Camperdown ElmBlue Beech, Gingko, White Hydrangea, Katsura, Black Walnut, Larch, Sycamore, and White Flowering Red Bud as examples.  With such a special collection of trees to maintain; we rely on revenues, generous donations, and the efforts of volunteers. 

Cremation Plots

Cremation plots represent a simplified approach in securing a dedicated place for cremation burials. Cataraqui has  several cremation plot programs that are exclusive for cremation.  The plots are conveniently located in select sections of the cemetery and include a personalized flat marker of varying styles. These cremation plot packages typically offer the best value for families or individuals wanting one (1) or two (2) cremation interments. 

Family Cremation Plots

Cataraqui's newest section, Gardens of Nicaea, was designed to include several family cremation plots that are easily accessible by way of an interlocking brick pathway that is landscaped with ornamental trees and plantings.  The cremation plots alternate with elegant red or black markers that are stylized as a detailed open book to accommodate the names of up to four (4) family members and additional text.  A similar concept was also developed in section Old A, on idyllic southern facing slope.

By contacting the Cemetery, one of our knowledgeable Funeral Directors or Family Services Counselors will be happy to assist you in selecting a most appropriate option for your needs, budget and wishes.