Traditional Interment Options

Cataraqui Cemetery’s natural setting continues to accommodate and offer families options for their choice of traditional interment sites.   New sections and planning strategies have been developed in order to maintain and present an unmatched offering of traditional interment sites; even after 160 years of operation many acres remain available.  Single lots or larger family plots, allow for families to combine multiple cremation interments with traditional interments and place highly visible and artistically personalized upright memorials.  Ask us about the benefits of our lot and monument packages and how they may be personalized to suit your needs.

You are welcome to contact us regarding any concerns or questions you may have regarding our selection of traditional burials and  arrangements or how interment rights can be packaged with our monument, funeral or cremation services. 

Single lots

Single lots (graves) are available throughout the cemetery in our new or old sections.  We are available to assist families by providing a tour of the Cemetery so that the features and benefits of each section can be viewed and explained.  We will ensure that you are comfortable with your selection and by further explaining the options of each selected site, as well as what should be considered when selecting the most appropriate monument or marker.  

Double plots

Double plots (graves) are typically available side by side at Cataraqui Cemetery.  Traditionally intended to accommodate side by side casket interments, double graves continue to remain popular options as they may accommodate a number of cremation interments.  Like single lots, they are available throughout the cemetery.  Double lots will allow for a wider range of options when selecting  upright monuments and flat markers.  Please note that Cataraqui Cemetery lots are typically single depth for casket interments. Speak to us directly if you have questions regarding "double casket” single lots. 

Family plots

Family plots continue to be available for purchase.  Large or multi-generation families may purchase plots at Cataraqui Cemetery.  The plots provide peace of mind to you or your family with the knowledge that they and future generation have been provided for.  Let us know what your needs are and we will be happy to guide you through the process so that you are completely comfortable with your selection. NOTE: If your family already has a family plot at Cataraqui Cemetery, provincial legislation states that only the person named on the official Cataraqui Cemetery Certificate of Interment Rights may authorize the interments.  If you are unsure if you are able to authorize an interment in the family plot or require more information about purchasing a family plot,  contact us for assistance. 

Group plots/packages

Many local groups have come together over the years to purchase their own plots within Cataraqui Cemetery.  If you are a member of a Service club, Association, Congregation or similar group, we welcome you to contact us to learn more about  about our group packages and the benefits we can offer.  We serve all faiths.


At Cataraqui Cemetery mausoleums are external free-standing structures constructed as a monument enclosing an interment space(s) or crypt(s) intended for the placement of a traditional casket.  Often beautifully designed and well crafted, they are impressive fixtures added to the  landscape that suit the burial customs and preferences of many families.  Individual crypts are available and private family structures can be customized and ordered.  Families are welcome to contact us for more information about mausoleums.