Cataraqui Cemetery's on site crematorium

Cataraqui has operated an on site crematorium for over 35 years.  We provide the community, funeral homes and cremation service providers with crematorium services.  We have served over 20,000 families in a compassionate, respectful and professional manner.  Families find peace of mind and assurance in knowing that their loved one is in the care of a local and experienced crematorium operator. 

At-need, Pre-arranged or Pre-planned

The services of our crematorium are available to anyone.  By pre-arranging directly with us, you and your family will benefit from knowing that your wishes are finalized and in place, freeing you and your family from the additional stress of needing to make arrangements at a most difficult time.  

Urn Selection  

Cataraqui Cemetery and Funeral Services offers families a variety of urns in various styles, often with personalized and affordable options.  When selecting an urn, we recommend that families consult with us regarding the appropriateness of the urn.  At Cataraqui, you will have confirmation that the selected urn (whether purchased from us, elsewhere or home crafted)  is suitable and compatible for the chosen type of interment or entombment.

Crematorium Process  

Our on site crematorium uses the time tested method of reducing the body to ashes through a process of high temperature and flame.  The remains of the loved one are carefully and respectfully handled through various steps before being placed into a pre-selected receptacle, such as a family chosen urn or a temporary urn (one provided by the crematorium) and then return to the family for further decisions about keeping, scattering or interring the remains.