The Cataraqui Cemetery Company is an excellent source for family genealogy with interment registries going as far back as 1853. 

However, the greatest source of family history comes from the many headstones and monuments found within the cemetery.  The monuments provide maiden names and relationships that can not be found on burial cards or cemetery burial ledgers.  When you consider the cemetery's inclusion of the older 1802 "Quaker Burial Ground", Cataraqui has more than 210 years of burials and memorials.  Some of the earliest dated markers at Cataraqui Cemetery were actually moved here from other Kingston inner city burial grounds.  The numerous markers and headstones are informative to individuals seeking their ancestral roots.

Did you know that prior to the 1950's it was the responsibility of the family, particularly the Interment Rights Holder, to note and record (on the reverse of their cemetery 'deed')  the location of all the interments that are within the boundary of their own family plot?   Today, cemeteries in Ontario are now required to record this information on behalf of families with each interment.  We would certainly appreciate any updates and information that you may have so that we may go back and include your family information on our maps, older records and registries. 

You may visit our office, or e-mail  your genealogical questions.  We will do our best to help you find the information you are looking for.  Please note that while we certainly do not mind assisting you with one or two names,  larger genealogical searches or requests are very time consuming to our staff and require additional resources.  Given that we are an active cemetery and funeral service provider that serves families in need at a moments notice, please consider asking if we have the time to assist with your genealogical queries and if fees for our time might apply.

The Cataraqui Cemetery Company is a not for profit registered charity.  Your donations are always appreciated.

Watch for some exciting changes as your donations work towards digitizing our records and making them available to the public as an online format in the future.  Contact us to learn more or how you can volunteer to help with some of our genealogical, heritage or historical themed projects.