Annual General Meeting

The Cataraqui Cemetery Company (the Corporation) is a non capital share corporation (not-for-profit) and is required to hold an Annual General Meeting (A.G.M.) at which time the outgoing trustees of The Cataraqui Cemetery Company (Corporation) are to communicate and make a full report of the management, condition and fiscal concerns of the Corporation.  The routine business of A.G.M includes: receiving of the reports from the board and management of the corporation; receiving of the auditors report and of the audited financial statements of the Corporation for the previous fiscal year; appointing the auditor of the Corporation for the ensuing fiscal year; and the election of the trustees of the Corporations.

The specific date, time, location and notice of the A.G.M. is subject to The Cataraqui Cemetery Company Act of Incorporation and By-law No. 1, A By-law for the Good Corporate Governance of The Cataraqui Cemetery Company.