By-Laws, Rules & Regulations

The Cataraqui Cemetery Company operates in accordance with the established federal, and provincial Acts, including its own 1850 Act of Incorporation and the provincial Funeral, Burials and Cremation Services Act (2002). Additionally, the City of Kingston has passed a municipal by-law regarding the Heritage designation and conservation of Cataraqui Cemetery as a significant cultural site and landscape.

The Cemetery operates pursuant to its own by-laws; which provide the Board of Trustees, Interment Rights Holders (members), staff, clients and visitors with a framework of rules and regulations.  These by-laws cover wide ranging matters such as: governance of the corporation; member rights; consumer rights; contracts, plot use; interment requests/procedures cemetery maintenance, monument placement and sizes; flowers and tree plantings;  artificial flowers and wreaths;  visitors conduct; and the operation of our crematorium. 

Interment Rights Holders, clients, visitors or interested parties wishing to obtain copies of the by-laws are welcome to download free copies by simply clicking on each by-law (below).  Paper copies are available by visiting or contacting our office.

The Cataraqui Cemetery Company's by-laws are as follows:

By-law No. 1, A By-law for the Good Corporate Governance of The Cataraqui Cemetery Company.

By-law No. 1.1, A By-law Respecting the Borrowing of Money, the Issuing of Securities and the Securing of Liabilities by The Cataraqui Cemetery Company.

 By-law No. 2, A By-law for the Proper Operation and Maintenance of the Cataraqui Cemetery.  

By-law No. 3, A By-law for the Proper Operation of the Cataraqui Cemetery Crematorium