Marker Foundation, Setting and Lettering Applications

Interment Rights Holders or their legal representatives requesting to have a marker installed  or altered at Cataraqui Cemetery are asked to complete, with their marker supplier, one of the following applications:

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In accordance with the by-laws of the Cataraqui Cemetery, markers as well as their foundations, settings and installation are required to be compliant with the Cemetery's standards for quality, design, appropriateness, size and location. 

A reputable marker supplier should be disclosing to you before purchase or deposit the monument's dimensions, colour, material, country of origin and provide you as well as the Cemetery with a final diagram that include the inscription as it is shown on the marker.  The application provides the Cemetery with the needed information to scrutinize and ensure that your monument dealer supplies you with a marker that meets the Cemetery's regulations  and high standards for quality.  We rely on the accuracy of this information to confirm your foundation needs, the marker appropriateness and the fees in accordance with the Cemetery's by-laws and price list.

Ideally, the marker supplier would not begin crafting the marker until such time as it has been approved by the Cemetery.  The application process assures Cataraqui Cemetery Interment Rights Holders, that we are watching out for your best interests and for the maintenance of our community's historic cemetery.  The application also assures the manufacturer that they are crafting an appropriate and approved marker that can be delivered and installed at Cataraqui Cemetery.

To ensure your lasting memorial has a quality foundation, setting or installation, Cataraqui Cemetery is responsible for the installation of all foundations for markers and the setting of all in ground markers.  After all, it is the Cemetery that maintains the foundation or marker setting for perpetuity. You, your family and Cataraqui Cemetery have a shared interest in making sure it is done right! 

Should you have any concerns or questions about a foundation, setting, installation or alteration of a marker, please seek your answer directly from the Cemetery.  There is no one better than the staff of Cataraqui Cemetery to provide you with the straight and proper answers to your questions; to ensure that your marker is appropriate and that the true installation costs are fully disclosed .

As of  July 1st, 2012, pursuant to Ontario's Funeral Burial and Cremation Services Act, (2002),  marker suppliers/dealers or retailers may not offer, promote, sell, or collect the care & maintenance fees as well as the foundation or setting fees on behalf of a cemetery.  As required by provincial regulations Cataraqui Cemetery clients must enter into a contract directly with a provincially licensed representative of the Cemetery for these licensed services.  This provincial regulation ensures that you receive full disclosure about the fees, a proper contract for services, a proper receipt is issued and marker restrictions or other important interment rights information are disclosed.