Monument Cleaning

Preserving your timeless memorial.

Your family monuments can quickly show signs of aging due to the effects of leaves, dirt and moss.  Animals, trees and birds all leave their mark on monuments as well.  The unpolished surfaces of rough granite or marble  tend to hold dirt and moss causing the monument to become illegible or irreversibly discoloured and stained. As a lasting memory and memorial to those that have gone before us, we all want monuments to look their best and be protected from degrading elements. 

A monument shown before and after our professional cleaning. 

It now looks new!



A professional cleaning can keep your family’s memorial in excellent condition.  Without the proper equipment, a supply of fresh warm water or know how, monuments can be difficult and time consuming to clean.  Hard brushes will unintentionally damage the finish where as soft brushes are ineffective as they do not completely remove moss and stains.  Without experience, the proper tools or method,  your good intentions can quickly and irreversibly damage a monument.  

We have the equipment and the experience to do the job right, without damaging the monument.  Our professional cleaning service can be arranged whenever you recognize that the memorial is due for a thorough cleaning.  In many instances a monument should be cleaned before further inscriptions are engraved. 

You or your families may alternatively choose to prepay for the monument to be regularly cleaned on a multi year schedule by opting for our perpetual cleaning program.  We understand commitments take us elsewhere and that families still want to honour their loved ones. This program is for families that are not in the Kingston area or for those that simply cannot get to the cemetery routinely.  A perpetual cleaning program assures you and your family that the monument is regularly inspected and cleaned. Benefit from the peace of mind of knowing that the monument is cared for when you can't.  Contact us to learn more about our professional monument cleaning service or to receive a free - no obligation quote.