Spring Clean Up, Mementos and Plantings

It is that time of year again. In spite of COVID-19, our maintenance obligations continue. Visitors and interment rights holders are reminded of their requirement to remove any and all artificial flowers, wreaths, shepherds hooks, planters, vases and other ornaments by April 30th.    Starting after Mother's Day any such items remaining on gravesites and on markers will be removed without further notice and held for 30 days.  Uncollected items shall be disposed after the 30 day holding period.  Notice of this yearly occurance has been posted on site (at both main entrances) since April 1st. These long standing regulations and expectations are detailed by the Cemetery's bylaws .  Please contact the Cemetery directly should you have any questions, concerns.   The Cemetery's by-laws and regulations are available online for review.

Thank you for your understanding and your continuing co-operation in helping us maintain Cataraqui Cemetery as a place of natural and historic beauty.